Massa: Journey

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“Do you ever actually get to the North Star?” Massa asked, curiously.

“Well, that depends on what you mean by getting there, son” his father responded, with a soft chuckle.

Massa let out a deep sigh. This isn’t going anywhere, and it’s not helping. Massa thought to himself, soberly.

Noticing his son’s concern, Massa’s father gently put a hand on his son’s shoulder and smiled warmly. Looking into Massa’s eyes, his father spoke slowly in as reassuring of a voice that any father could muster, “Remember son, the most important thing is that you just always move towards the North Star.”

Massa snapped awake.

How long was I asleep? he asked himself as he began to panic.

Where am I?

Where’s the North Star?

Massa clutched his oar tightly as he sat upright in the center bench of his boat- anxiously scanning the sky. The slight rocking of the boat due to his abrupt awakening only added to his sense of panic.

Where is it? Where is it? Where is- there!

Massa breathed a deep sigh of relief. Continuing to look at the North Star, he slowly felt the tension and stress begin to leave his body, and his boat also began to settle once again on the calm water.

Massa took another deep breath to collect himself. The cool night air in the light of the North Star seemed to revitalize him.

There it was. His guiding light. His compass for the journey.

Massa reoriented his boat toward the star, and paddled on.

Sometimes there are moments in life where we wake up and ask ourselves, Where am I?

And (typically) we ask ourselves this not in a physical sense- but in more of a spiritual, “life journey” kind of sense (don’t worry, I’m not about to get all mystical, magical, and hand-wavey).

That is, in these moments when we ask ourselves, “Where am I?” What we’re really asking is, “Am I doing what I was made to do?” or, “Am I living out my life’s purpose?”

I used to get sad and frustrated with myself when I realized I had these moments of “waking up”. When those moments would happen to me, I would feel like I had wasted precious time and that I had spent resources in places I didn’t need to.

TLDR: It felt bad.

But I realized that those moments are actually blessings. Why? Because if we’re not careful, we’ll rarely be “woken up” to ask ourselves those hard questions. We’ll just keep cruising along, with no direction for our journey. And then…We’ll go through a [insert a time period of your choice here] life crisis when we begin to see how short this life is.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

If the concern is about “waking up”, might I suggest that it’s OK to have a metaphorical “alarm clock” that reminds us to think about our journey?


  • A time set aside to think about your journey thus far, and maybe even ask someone else about theirs.
  • A time to ask yourself if you like who you’re becoming.
  • A time to reflect about potential adjustments to your course, so that you can move toward your North Star.
  • A time to remind yourself that although many decisions we make are impactful, we can reorient ourselves to what we believe and see as important.

Looks like for this brief moment in time, we have crossed paths on our journeys. I’m glad we did.

And I hope (and I truly do,) that I didn’t wake you.

Written with love, for the Youth of New Hope International Church




I go by Joseph. Just Joseph. I write with the goal of reflecting on my own life experiences. Simple as that:)

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Joseph Tsai

Joseph Tsai

I go by Joseph. Just Joseph. I write with the goal of reflecting on my own life experiences. Simple as that:)

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